Biometric Access Control and Time & Attendance System for Enterprises

Clockster automates HR processes by calculating working hours, delivering reports and reducing costs for big corporations in partnership with ZKTеco


Best multi-biometric devices by ZKTeco with face identification and fingerprint scanner

ZKTeco Multi-bio 800-h is the most advanced and precise device for access control, integrating with all types of turnstiles and doors to provide best security and monitoring of your facilities


ZKTeco KF160 - best choice for simple time & attendance functions

Device has a wireless module to facilitate deployment in your offices, powered by our advanced web application, brings efficiency and automation in every aspect of your HR processes.


Empower your HR processes with Clockster Cloud

Automate report and get the most valuable data. Get analytics in easy format by each separate employee, department and company.
Cloud-based solutions will help to control data from anywhere in the world
We regularly update Clockster, based on the feedback of our customers. There is no limit to perfection.

User Friendly and intuitive interface is simple to install and use, as well as is easy to update.

What Recognition Technologies We Provide?

Clockster Corporate in partership with ZKTeco offers 4 types of biometric authentication

Face Recognition
Iris Recognition

See How It Really Works In Our Client's Locations

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Our face recognition devices in one of the offices in Talan Tower

Nariman Ibrayev

ТОО «Asimetrik KZ»

Our team started working with Clockster Corporate to automate our HR systems, track employee working hours and attendance.


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